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By AHagewiesche 11/04/2021, 3:15pm CDT

November 11-13 in Austin, Texas

Welcome to USA Touch Nationals!

USA Touch Nationals President has provided information in advance of the Tournament -

We are playing under the 5th Edition Rules for this tournament(See Attached).  However, you must read the "Tournament Conditions" document (See Attached) as those tournament conditions govern this event and WILL override any FIT 5th Edition Rules.

The USA TOUCH Nationals tournament has been set to have the three open divisions, and the official draw/schedule is attached

All games on Field #1 are scheduled to be live streamed at this point.  Livestream is available at 

Also please note for planning purposes :

-The tournament will provide full-time athletic trainers for the duration of the event.  They will be there to cover the event and not a specific team.  We would always encourage teams to be prepared with their own coverage, but we will always have people on site to provide a general coverage

-There will be community ice baths as we have had in years past.  The Austin Huns are providing these and we will mark out the section of the facility they will be located at the Captain's Meeting

-The tournament will provide drinking water and water bottles for players and referees